Sex Ed With Tim

S1: Ep 7 - Can‘t Tugce This

August 26, 2021

In literally the most disgusting episode I've ever recorded, we talk about lo...loooov....*excuse me I'm almost gonna gag* Ughhh gross. I sit down with certified sex educator Tugce Balik to unpack just exactly what the fuck is that feeling that makes us go gaga over the next guy-guy. What's happening in the brain when we're in love? Is love at first sight a real thing? Will I ever generate any feelings of love for another man? Spoiler alert: no. Sit down and listen all about love because if you can't love yourself...well, good fucking luck lol

Tugce is a certified intimacy coach and educator that teaches people competency and consciousness, kind of like the child Dr. Dispenza and Dr. Ruth never had. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and Human Sexuality. She is a sex researcher at Kama (, a sexual wellness and education app that couples modern science and ancient wisdom, and offers practices and meditations to help users become a better lover. She also works for the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education (, the only government accredited tantra center focused on sexual healing in the world.

Additional resources!
Helen Fisher, The Brain in Love
The Gottman Institute:

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